We create the most promising, quality-assured products.


FORMAL SHIRTS: Classic for any Occasion!

Be it a business meeting or an informal party,

Formal Shirts are the way to go! These are

appropriate for any occasion and for all

groups of ages.

SEMI-FORMAL SHIRTS: Innovative but Mature!

Wanna look mature without trying the cliche?

Semi-Formals are for You! With the latest designs

and the creative innovation, we get to you our series

of Semi-Formals!

DESIGNER SHIRTS: Best of the Rest!

Designed by the most skilled designers, we have an

amazing series of Designer Shirts for those who

would like to set a standard apart!

School Uniforms

Studying with Comfort

We manufacture school uniforms of

the most comfortable and easy to use

kind. Be it a kid of nursery, or a young

boy/girl of higher secondary, we make

the best looking uniforms.

Hospital Uniforms

Hygienic but Trendy

We aim at manufacturing the easiest to maintain

and use uniforms that look good and also satisfy

the hygienic requirements. They are the most

comfortable uniforms made from the best

available fabrics.

Industrial Uniforms

Easy, Safe Working

We manufacture Industrial Uniforms that are

comfortable to wear and maintain. Depending

on the criteria given by the clients, the uniforms

will be made using the best resources available.

Hospitality Uniforms

Good-Looking Workmen

When hotel uniforms come into picture,

we think of the clean and neat looking

uniforms that the staff wears. This is

what we aim at making and we also

take care that they are extremely


Corporate Wear

Designed to be you!

When we talk about corporate uniform it all

designed as themost classy & stylish attire to

look different at work.